Teaming members have already chosen the beneficiary projects of the 2022 collection
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    Fundación PortAventura

Teaming members have already chosen the beneficiary projects of the 2022 collection

More than 600 Teaming participants have chosen the beneficiary projects of the collection of Teaming 2022. More than 200 people have participated in the online vote who have given their vote to his two favorite projects.

After the scrutiny of the votes, the entities chosen by the members of the Teaming have been the Charitable Association for the fight against neuroblastoma and other childhood tumors and the 1000 Foundation on birth defects.
The act of delivery of the money raised was held at PortAventura Dreams Village. Congratulations to both projects. winners and thanks to all of you who have participated in this initiative.


COCO Esperanza y vida
Neuroblastoma and Other Childhood Tumors Charity

Birth Defects 1000 Foundation
The foundation is a proposal for society to help research to provide solutions to the problem of the appearance of congenital defects in newborns and aims to provide channels and guidelines for their prevention.

In 2008 Teaming was launched at PortAventura World. A solidarity project that is based on a very simple: help many for very little.
Teaming is a team micro-donation system that consists of people who are part of a company or institution voluntarily donate 1 euro per month from their payroll for one or several charitable causes chosen by voting among all the people who participate.

Since its creation in 2011, the Fundació PortAventura has integrated Teaming in PortAventura World into its annual plan of Actions. In addition to managing this programme, the Fundació PortAventura also collaborates financially in Teaming in PortAventura World contributing 2 euros for every euro contributed by Employees.