Campaign Plugs for a new life
  • Organisation

    Fundación PortAventura

  • Beneficiaries

    Children with rare diseases

Campaign "Plugs for a new life"

PortAventura World joins the initiative “Plugs for a new life” of the SEUR Foundation.

Since its launch, this solidarity project has managed to help 180 boys and girls from all over Spain thanks to the collection of 7,179 tons of recycled plastic caps worth more than 1,200,000 euros.

The PortAventura World Foundation joins the SEUR Foundation's charity project "Plugs for a new life". An initiative that aims to help children with rare diseases through the recycling of plastic caps to finance treatments or orthopedic materials not covered by social security.

The objective of this agreement represents a commitment by PortAventura World, the largest holiday destination in Europe, to collaborate in the collection of plastic caps at its facilities for subsequent recycling. To do this, a huge heart-shaped bin has been placed where all park workers and visitors can contribute to the collection of caps.

This charitable initiative is in line with PortAventura World's Corporate Responsibility strategy, which is committed to a responsible and sustainable management model, which takes the form of projects specifically aimed at waste management, such as selective collection and its recovery in more than 90%.

In addition, this project not only has a social aspect, but also an environmental one. Thus, throughout the year 2020, the SEUR Foundation and its collaborators have managed to help 8 boys and girls, who received a total of €64,505 thanks to the recycling of 387 tons of caps, thus avoiding the emission of 483 tons of CO2.

Ramon Marsal, president of the PortAventura Foundation, expresses his satisfaction at being able to collaborate on this project. In this sense, Marsal states that "we are very happy to participate in this initiative in which customers and employees can do their bit for the benefit of children in need."

For his part, Ramón Mayo, President of the SEUR Foundation, assures that “Plugs for a new life is a project that year after year we continue to bet heavily on, since its charitable and sustainable objectives are perfectly aligned with our company philosophy. . Seeing how large companies like PortAventura World support us and decide to join the initiative is always an honor to celebrate. In addition, thanks to the involvement of both park employees and visitors, together we will once again be able to collaborate with those who need it most.”

This year they have collected 360kg of corks.