Teaming members have already chosen the projects that will benefit from the 2020 fund-raising
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Teaming members have already chosen the projects that will benefit from the 2020 fund-raising

During this month of June, the more than 600 participants of the Teaming have chosen the projects beneficiaries of the Teaming 2020 fund. More than 200 people who voted for their two favourite projects took part in the online voting.

After the counting of the votes, the entities chosen by the members of the Teaming have been the Catalan Association of Neurofibromatosis and the Nuclear Medicine Service of the Hospital Sant Joan de Reus. The associations were proposed by the Employees Damián Chillida, from the Restoration area, and Misericordia Dalmau, from the Shops area.
The delivery of the money raised took place at PortAventura Dreams. Congratulations to the two winning projects and thanks to everyone who has participated in this initiative.


Catalan Association of Neurofibromatosis
Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) is a minority disease with cancer predisposition and psychological and cognitive involvement. Boys and girls with NF1 often suffer from bullying and social isolation. The money raised will go to a coaching project to give tools to help young people with NF1 and improve their quality of life.

Acquisition of a Tumour Portable Gamma Camera for HSJR
The money raised will go to a project promoted by the Chief of Service of Nuclear Medicine of the Hospital Sant Joan de Reus, Monica Danús. This Dr. is a specialist in radioguided surgery, the part of Nuclear Medicine that helps the surgeon locate palpable lesions or ensure that the lesion is removed. The equipment of which this project is object is a portable Gammacámara, that allows to see the images inside the operating room. In words of Dr. Danus, This equipment would benefit all the radioguided surgeries that are currently done, and would allow others to be performed that cannot now be done because they do not have this equipment".

In 2008 Teaming was launched at PortAventura World. A solidarity project based on a very simple idea: to help many for very little.
Teaming is a system of micro-donations in equipment that consists of people who are part of a company or institution voluntarily donate 1 euro per month from their payroll for one or more solidarity causes that are chosen by vote among all the people who participate.
Since its creation in 2011, PortAventura Foundation has integrated Teaming in PortAventura World into its annual action plan.

In addition to managing this program, the PortAventura Foundation also collaborates financially in the Teaming at PortAventura World by contributing 2 euros for each euro contributed by the Employees/as.