Teaming members choose the projects that will benefit from the 2019 collection
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    Fundació PortAventura

Teaming members choose the projects that will benefit from the 2019 collection

During the month of February, the more than 650 volunteers of the Teaming solidarity project were able to choose the beneficiary projects of the Teaming 2019 More than 200 people participated in the online voting, who gave their vote to their two favorite projects.

After the scrutiny of the votes, there was a tie in second position, so the PortAventura Foundation has decided to distribute the donation among the three projects most voted by the Teaming members: the Villablanca Foundation, the Todos en Azul project and the Unidad of Arrhythmias and Sudden Death at the Sant Joan de Déu Children's Hospital.

During 2019, this solidarity initiative raised 18,216€ between donations from employees and the contribution from the PortAventura Foundation, which adds up to two euros for every euro contributed by employees.


Fundació Villablanca / Villablanca Serveis Assitencials
Beneficiaries: Disabled children and adolescents with conduct disorders
Collect: Mª Isabel Usón Bienzobas, Residence Director

The area of ​​the Pere Mata Group called “Villablanca” serves more than a thousand people with different healthcare needs, distributed in several facilities that are included in two basic areas: the area of ​​Intellectual Disability and that of Mental Health. The money raised is intended to go to the Àtria Residence (in the Villablanca Center on Crta. Bellisens), dedicated to children and adolescents with intellectual disabilities and conduct disorders that require extensive support.


Todos en Azul
Beneficiaries: People with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Pick up: Juan José Caravaca, President

Todos En Azul is a non-profit association that takes its initials from TEA, formed by Families with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, who share the day to day in the family environment, and a Social Integrator who works as an educator in the educational field. All of them collaborate to facilitate the day-to-day life of people with ASD. The money raised will be used to finance a project that aims to signal with pictograms the shops and public areas of its closest surroundings, the Ponent neighborhoods of Tarragona: El Pilar, Icomar, La Floresta, La Granja, Torreforta, L'Albada and Riuclar, in order that they can be recognized by people with ASD, thus facilitating communication, understanding, autonomy and social interaction.


Arrhythmias and Sudden Death Unit of the Sant Joan de Déu Children's Hospital
Beneficiaries: People with arrhythmias
Pick up: Dr. Georgia Sarquella, Pediatric Cardiologist

The Arrhythmias and Family Heart Disease Unit of the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona is dedicated to heart rhythm disorders, sudden death and genetic cardiology. The early diagnosis of an arrhythmia radically changes the prognosis of the patient, since if the appropriate treatment is followed, it goes from being a life-threatening disease, to being a chronic disease with minimal risk. It is the reference center in Catalonia for these pathologies. For this reason, children living in the province of Tarragona with these ailments are treated in this unit, which cares for 3,500 children each year, of which almost 900 live in the regions of Tarragona. The Teaming money will be used for the operation of this unit, the acquisition of equipment and research projects.