PortAventura World and Grup Miquel give 3,742 liters of milk to the campaign No child without a mustache

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    Obra social "la Caixa"

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    Families in situation of vulnerability

PortAventura World and Grup Miquel give 3,742 liters of milk to the campaign "No child without a mustache"

In addition to mobilizing its customers and employees in the milk collection campaign “Cap Nen Sense Bigoti” No child without a mustache, "la Caixa" Obra Social has requested the participation of companies in the catering and food sector to join the initiative contributing with milk.

The PortAventura Foundation has coordinated the collection of workers from PortAventura World and Grup Miquel, who have added a total of 3.742 liters of milk to the "la Caixa" Obra Social campaign which the Tarragona Food Bank distributes directly to the families in situation of vulnerability that they attend in the province.

Catalan food banks currently support 215.112 people in Catalonia - more than 37.000 of whom are children between the ages of 1 and 16 - who have difficulty accessing regularly to basic foods such as milk.

The Foundation PortAventura “wears now the mustache” for a good cause. PortAventura World and Miquel Group have not hesitated to join the campaign “Cap Nen Sense Bigoti” No child without mustache, a collection of milk for families at risk of social exclusion, and has given 3.742 liters of milk, of which Grup Miquel has contributed  with 1.500 liters of his Gourmet milk for this solidarity cause led by the Social Work "la Caixa" in favor of the Food Bank of Tarragona.

This is the response of this company to the appeal made by the "la Caixa" to companies in sectors such as catering and food because they join the mobilization by providing milk, which will be distributed by the Food Bank Among its beneficiaries. In this way, the collaborative effort with the campaign that seeks to solve the milk deficit suffered by more than 215.000 people attended by the Catalan food banks, 37.000 of which are children between 1 and 16 years, who could see their growth affected due to this lack. In Tarragona, the Food Bank serves 36.121 people at risk of social exclusion.

The 3.742 liters given by Fundación PortAventura will be delivered to the “Food Bank of Tarragona” since they distribute it to the families that need it most in the province.

Milk is one of the foods most often tendered by social entities that provide to collectives at risk of exclusion, but not enough is yet collected to guarantee the minimum consumption in families in situations of vulnerability. The banks of Catalan food distributed last year 5 million liters of milk, which requires the collaboration of us all in this campaign focused on the collection for the purchase of a single product.