Teaming 2016

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    PortAventura Fundació

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    ACNefi and Fundación Andrés Marcio

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Teaming 2016

On April 5, during the Welcome Forum for the PortAventura World staff, the Fundació PortAventura managed to collect the money collected in the Teaming'16 for the two projects chosen by the Employees last year: the Catalan Association of Neurofibromatosis and The Andrés Marcio Foundation for children against laminopathy.

Joan Adserà, Manager of Fundació PortAventura, accompanied by Juan Manuel Fernández and Damián Chillida, the Employees who proposed the winning projects, have delivered to each of the two projects chosen by the Employees a symbolic heel of € 6,742.50, 50% of the money contributed by the Employees and by the Fundació PortAventura, which adds two euros for each euro contributed by the Employees. In total, € 13,485 was donated.

Catalan Association of Neurofibromatosis

In January 1998, the Catalan Association of Neurofibromatosis (ACNefi) was founded. It is a non-profit mutual aid association that offers help to affected individuals and families through mutual help groups, informative activities and informational books about the disease.

Neurofibromatosis (NF) is a set of genetic disorders that cause innumerable tumors that grow along different types of nerves and which can also affect the development of non-nervous tissues such as bones or skin.

Andrés Marcio Foundation, children against laminopathy

The Andrés Marcio Foundation, children against laminopathy, is a non-profit organization based in Spain but with an international character, whose objective is to find a definitive cure for this disease.

Laminopathy is a congenital muscular dystrophy characterized by the absence of motor acquisitions, loss of head control, respiratory failure and cardiac abnormalities.