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"Pādel amb Tu"

The Port Aventura Foundation and Association "Pādel amb Tu" have signed a partnership agreement aimed at combating discrimination and promoting integration of groups at risk of exclusion through sport.  This first phase of the project targets young people at risk of exclusion and the disabled. The project combines lessons for beginners in paddle tennis, and adapted paddle tennis for people with mobility problems, with other activities such as group dynamics, circus workshops, psychomotor skills, work health and eating habits.

The families of the participants also play a key role in this project.  Guided by the community workers, they have the task of providing support by taking part in workshops and activities running parallel to the sports classes. The aim is to encourage family interaction that places the participant in a leading role.

The Salou Local Authority Department for Social Action is a key partner in this project, providing access to the Ponent Sports Centre paddle tennis facilities for the development of this programme that combines sports, social and educational aspects.

This is a pioneering initiative in Spain, especially with the integration of paddle tennis - an emerging sport - as the connecting thread for all the activities and the extensive experience of the Association "Pādel amb Tu" has been vital in the design of this project.