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About us

We are a not-for-profit foundation that fosters the integration into society of people belonging to groups at risk of social exclusion, especially children and young people.
Workers with disabilitiesFundación PortAventura is the result of more than 20 years that PortAventura has dedicated to developing Corporate Social Responsibility in the areas of human resources, the environment and the support of NGOs and hospitals.
Throughout this time, PortAventura has strived to include disabled workers as part of its workforce. Furthermore, its concern for the environment has been constant, as reflected by the impetus for the implementation of environmental management systems, landscape conservation and responsible management and exploitation of natural resources.
Our Commitment >
PortAventura is a brand linked with happiness and emotion, so over the past years it has carried out various intiatives to make access to leisure easier for these groups: free tickets given to NGOs, support for blood donations campaigns, the launch of special services in its facilities for specific groups and visits from PortAventura characters to hospitals.
PortAventura Foundation is also intended for you. Because of this, after sharing so many emotions, we want you to participate and get involved in the different steps of this uplifting experience.
Together we achieve more!
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Our Mission

Our general interest purpose and objective is to contribute to society’s wellbeing and to improve the quality of life for people at risk of social exclusion, especially children and young people, working with them directly or together with their families, as well as indirectly by offering support to other foundations or institutions.

Therefore the work that we do comes under two clearly defined categories:
Integration from groups at risc of social exclusionIntegration from groups at risk of social exclusion
We support complete integration of groups at risk of social exclusion, especially children and young people, working within their family and social surroundings.
We help other foundations to reach their objectivesWe help other foundations to reach their objectives
We help other foundations to reach their objectives through the promotion and development of programmes designed especially for these groups and in accordance with the needs of each group.

Our plan of action

Support to the social integrationSupport to the social integration
To support the social integration of ill or disabled people or those belonging to groups at risks of social collection, especially children and young people, through:
  • Activities designed to raise social awareness about these groups.
  • Promoting programmes targeted at improving the quality of life of these groups.
  • Improving the efficiency of the foundations identified.
  • Developing a programme to make leisure accessible to less fortunate groups by donating free admission and available spaces.
Social and voluntary initiativesSocial and voluntary initiatives
Promoting social and voluntary initiatives.
Awareness of environmental issuesRaising awareness of environmental issues, particularly in regard to protection of the environment and sustainable development and by fostering good environmental practices.
Informative, educational and social awareness activitiesóInformative, educational and social awareness activities
Promoting informative, educational and social awareness activities that concern each of the areas within which the foundation operates.

Our Team

The governing and administrative body of the Fundación PortAventura is made up of the five board members and the foundation manager.


Sr. Ramon Marsal Minguella



Sr. Arturo Mas-Sardá



Sr. Fernando Aldecoa Llauradó

Sr. Carlos Kinder Espinosa

Sra. Mercè Tura Llado



Sra. Choni Fernández Veciana

Executive team


Sr. Sergi Padilla Bartolomé

Our source of funding

  • Initial cash donation

    Initial cash donation

    An initial cash donation of €60,000 from Port Aventura Entertainment, S.A.U., in accordance with article 331-5.1, law 4/2008 of 24 April, Third Volume of the Civil Code of Catalonia.
  • Annual contribution

    Annual contribution

    An annual contribution of 0.7% of the net profit made by Port Aventura Entertainment, S.A.U., following auditing of the accounts.
  • Other contributions

    Other contributions

    Contributions from other foundations, charity events, individual donations and other activities.


The collaboration of friends, foundations, companies and entities, as well as yours, help us to develop the social action of the PortAventura Foundation. To all of them our most sincere thanks.