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  • Organisation

    Fent Amics, Fundación PortAventura

  • Beneficiaries

    People with Down's Syndrome

Down Catalunya manages to gather almost 2,500 people in the 12th solidária “Fent Amics” day at PortAventura Park


Last Saturday, October 2, the twelfth edition of the " Fent Amics " solidarity day took place, which is organized annually by Down Catalunya and the PortAventura Foundation with an eminently playful and convivial nature, where this year almost 2,500 people have gathered.

Ramón Marsal, President of the PortAventura Foundation and Gloria Canals , President of Down Catalunya, highlighted the participation of volunteers, families and entities in the eleventh anniversary of the "Fent Amics "which shows his commitment to people with intellectual disabilities.

At the Great Imperial Theater of China, it was possible to enjoy a dance performance by the Down Revolution group made up of young people from Down Tarragona. PortAventura offered its fabulous show " Halloween Kingdom " by the PortAventura Park dance company.

Down Catalunya has had more collaboration synergies than ever when it comes to disseminating and selling tickets for the event.

The income obtained from the sale of the tickets goes to Down Catalunya and its ten entities (Andi-Down Sabadell, Aura Fundació, Down Lleida, Down Tarragona, FamíliaAMIC, Fundació Astrid 21 de Girona, Fundació Catalana Síndrome Down, Barcelona Down , Cromo Suma Foundation and Reto Foundation).