Party of heart 2018 | PortAventura Fundació
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    AACIC CorAvant - Fundación SHE

Heart's party


1.500 people attended the 5th “Festa del Cor” in PortAventura Park, with the aim of continuing to work on the awareness of society about the day to day reality of young people and children born with heart problems, the AACIC CorAvant Association and the SHE Foundation repeated for the fifth year to convey a message of joy and positivity to all participants with the activities held for the occasion.

During the day a space was established to make drawings and messages of encouragement that will be sent to children hospitalized for diseases related to the heart in different hospitals, and next to it a large photocall was placed where the attendees could take photos with the characters of Sesame Street.

Volunteers were available to all attendees to make this new edition become, once again, an enjoyable charity day.