Making friends 2017 | PortAventura Fundació

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  • Organisation

    Coordinadora Síndrome de Down

  • Beneficiaries

    People with Down's Syndrome

Charity event "Fent Amics amb Down Catalunya"


PortAventura Park has hosted for the ninth consecutive year and thanks to the “Fundació PortAventura” foundation, about 4,300 people who have shared a festive day with hundreds of children, young people and adults with Down syndrome from Catalonia and the Valencian Community.

This charity event, called "Making Friends with Down Catalunya", started with a welcome act in the Great Imperial Theater of China, where the President of Down Catalunya, Pilar Sanjuán, congratulated the success of public and encouraged to continue adding families in the next years.

"This meeting gives us the opportunity to make friends and to convey that society is inclusive, that we are all part of it and that we can all contribute."

Down Catalunya's collaboration with Fundació PortAventura began in 2009 and has become a prominent date in the calendar of many families who visit the theme park and contribute at the same time to a solidarity cause.

TV3 (Catalonia’s public TV) journalist Xavier Graset and the young lady  from Down Tarragona Laura Mitjans have been in charge of conducting the act.