Petits Valents Day 2016 | PortAventura Fundació

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Last Sunday 20th November, the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu and the PortAventura Foundation paid tribute to all the very brave children in a new edition of "Petits Valents Day"


Making the most of International Children’s Day, a day full of entertainment and solidarity was held at PortAventura World’s facilities to pay tribute to all the ‘Petits Valents’, the brave children who courageously face their daily life in the Hospital. The event was organised by the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu and the PortAventura Foundation.

The main event of the day took place at 4 p.m. at the SésamoAventura Theatre. The Sesame Street characters carried out a symbolic handing over of PortAventura World’s Christmas light to a ‘Petit Valent’, which will be used to switch on all the lights in the Hospital on 14th December.

The children became the real stars of a fun-filled day. As well as the various attractions at PortAventura Park, the children were able to enjoy alongside their families the huge variety of activities offered by the park, such as performances specially organised to celebrate the day.